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Puppy Has Ongoing Dispute With The Quaker Oats Man

1 month ago   |   By iHeart Dogs

Opal the Basset Hound puppy is usually very brave. However, she's also very mischievous. She likes to explore and cause trouble. Her family had a hard time keeping her in her place at first. That is, until they discovered her nemesis: the Quaker Oats man.
For some reason, Opal can't stand the mascot's white hair and fancy hat. Whenever she sees him, she either runs in fear or barks at him. She tries her best to stand up for herself, but she just can't deny that the Quaker Oats man is spooky!
The Start of Their Rivalry
When Opal first met the Quaker Oats man, her mom thought it would be a...
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